Whether you’re making a splash with the year’s biggest Comic-Con booth or creating a fan grabbing promotion on social media, Bottle Rocket’s award winning team ensures you’ll make an impact. We adapt to budgets of all sizes with turnkey programs that ensure you have the best promotion possible without the management headaches. If you don’t want to go it alone, we can even find you the right partner to maximize your marketing dollars.


From cutting your marketing costs to bringing in a network of new consumers, the right strategic partner can maximize the impact of your marketing dollars. We can connect you with established brands and the hot start-ups that are perfect for growing your business.


Our turnkey events do more than just drive the needle; they grow a deeper connection with your customers. Each experience is a chance to immerse consumers in your story and to transform them into vocal advocates of your brand.


When it came to promotions, we found that to get it done right, we had to do it ourselves. That’s why we handle every stage of your program, from the initial strategy to quantifiable results. With a full range of turnkey solutions including buying FSI’s to creating and fulfilling sweepstakes, games and contests, we make it easy to engage consumers and grow your brand. Our services cover every aspect of your promotion including development, legal, social, prizing warehousing and microsite creation.

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