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Falling Skies

Falling Skies


If you combined a trade show with a Halloween party, it would look a lot like San Diego Comic-Con. With 150,000 passionate, sensory-overloaded (and let’s face it, often judgmental) fans to please each year, TNT came to us to craft multi-sensory executions for each season of their sci-fi series, “Falling Skies.”

Our Solution:

Based on our significant Comic-Con experience (Event Marketer called us “The top activation agency at Comic-Con”), we know you can’t walk two feet without bumping into a TV show at this pop culture mecca. In a world of one-upmanship, making a splash gets more challenging every year. Before “Falling Skies” had even aired its first episode, we began work on a series of immersive activations that didn’t just draw crowds; they also grew authentically with each new season, as did the show’s fan base. From creepy eye worms to alien cocoons, we’ve brought pivotal scenes to life each year and put attendees right in the middle of the action. Our innovations went beyond just impressing fans though, our decision to showcase the unique alien world of the show helped drive a shift in “Falling Skies’” overall marketing focus. With years of successful Comic-Con appearances, we helped earn “Falling Skies” accolades from both consumers and the media.