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Nissin Social Media


When a product takes two minutes to cook and costs less than a buck, it doesn’t tend to linger in a consumer’s mind. For Nissin, creators of dorm room staples like Top Ramen, Chow Mein, Big Cup Noodles and Cup Noodles, the challenge was to create a unified voice across a range of brand names, and deliver it across social in a way that not only engaged consumers, but also told the brand story of each tasty product.

Our Solution:

If “likes” were the only thing it took to create a successful social page, they’d sell them in bulk at Costco. With this fact in mind, we created a strategy that focused on actually engaging fans while simultaneously getting our message across. That meant a two-pronged approach; personality to draw in fans paired with promotions to keep Nissin growing. While the number of Nissin fans quickly skyrocketed, we continued our storytelling across eCRM, promotions, digital couponing, social influencers and even a strategic partnership with FYE stores. Ramen men and “Souper Heroes” may have seemed like a stretch for a traditionally conservative brand like Nissin, but we were able to walk the perfect line to keep them comfortable and their fans engaged.