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Target Beauty Concierge Multi-Channel Program


Funnily enough, when you’ve got the slogan “Expect More, Pay Less,” consumers start to expect more than just a standard beauty aisle. Crazy, right? With expectations at an all-time high, Target came to us with a “simple” challenge — to transform their beauty aisles into true beauty destinations.

Our Solution:

As much as we all love Beyoncé, when it comes to selecting the best eye cream, consumers would rather take advice from a trusted friend than a celebrity. With this truth in mind, we designed the “Target Beauty Concierge” program with one simple goal — to make a personal, human connection with Target shoppers. That led us to create a team of brand-agnostic beauty advisors who speak with shoppers like their BFFs — not like a salesperson in an infomercial. And as it often happens when you create one solution, another need is identified. To ensure this army of advisors can talk the talk, we developed custom Word of Mouth Content™ training to help translate tricky marketing decks into casual conversations with consumers. For those customers who spend more time reading listicles than heading to stores with shopping lists, we took over the beauty section of Target.com and filled it with tips, tricks and product reviews. Not only do our Beauty Concierges make customers fall in love with their custom product recommendations, but the concierges have also shown their passion for the program with a turnover rate of less than half of a typical retail environment.