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VO5 Haircare

VO5 Haircare


When millennial women search for new hair care products, their first thought is rarely “What does Mom use?” For VO5, a 60-year-old brand, courting this tech-savvy consumer posed a whole new kind of marketing challenge. Ready for a reinvention, VO5 came to us to rework their digital presence, getting them off the shelf and into the hands of new shoppers.

Our Solution:

For today’s consumer, VO5 was about as familiar as an 8-track player. To make them fall in love with the brand, we knew it was essential to tell the story of what made VO5 unique. We focused on the brand’s namesake ingredients, 5 Essential Vitamins, and brought them to life through a completely redone website, social pages and digital promotions. We kept shoppers in the loop on the devices they carry with a fully mobilized VO5haircare.com. We also shared our story through VO5’s social pages, making them hubs of information to engage consumers. In addition, we helped revolutionize VO5’s new product line with our “A Scent is Born Promotion,” which allowed users to vote on the next great VO5 scent for the first time in history.