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Conflicted: To Speak or Not to Speak?

Nov 09 2015

“Conflict cannot continue without your participation.” Google the phrase “conflict in the workplace” and in .43 seconds, 95,900,000 results will appear. No… Read more

Reframe That Thought

Oct 29 2015

As the leaves turn beautiful colors here in the Northeast, the obvious next thought that comes to mind is…Christmas! But after you’ve… Read more

You Just Keep Telling Yourself That

Oct 19 2015

Let me start by listing all the VERY GOOD excuses for not exercising regularly over the years. Single mom. BAM! Running a… Read more

Rabbits and Visions

Oct 13 2015

A few years back I had a group of senior leaders who started overusing the word “strategy.” I realized that some people… Read more

Creating and Maintaining Positive Momentum

Sep 14 2015

I’ve saved the best for last in the third post of the “Newton’s Laws of Motion as it relates to business” series.… Read more