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An Object in Motion

Sep 08 2015

Part two of the three part series highlighting how Newton’s three Laws of Motion apply to business focuses on the first law:… Read more

How To Stop Being Viewed as the Office Chatterbox

Aug 03 2015

Someone came to me recently, concerned that he might be getting the reputation of being an office gossip. The issue was less… Read more

4 Essential Pillars of Company Culture

Jul 24 2015

I’ve been asked by several team members to revisit some of the principals that have guided my professional philosophy over the past… Read more

3 Crucial Decisions For The Perfect Sampling Activation

Jun 26 2015

It’s a corny saying but it’s true: measure twice, cut once. This is especially true for a sampling event, where proper planning… Read more

What’s Next? Word-of-Mouth Content

Aug 20 2014

Through our work supporting retailers in the Health & Beauty departments, Brand Connections has hundreds of Beauty Consultants, Beauty Concierges and Beauty… Read more

A New Breed of BFF

Aug 05 2014

Most of us have wonderful people in our lives who will tell us we look fabulous, even when we’re not feeling “all… Read more

2 Key Truths to Strategic Entertainment Partnerships

Jun 20 2014

Today’s guest post is from David Chatoff. Truth #1 – The NFL Is Not the Only Game in Town  Not every brand has… Read more

What’s Your Story? Experiential Marketing Weaves a Tale

Jun 20 2014

Today’s guest post is from David Chatoff. Everyone loves a good story This is true in literature, film, television, Broadway, media and music.  This is… Read more