Creativity can do a lot of things, like putting a smart phone in the hands of 58%+ of Americans or armholes in a blanket and branding it a “Snuggie.” At PIE Integrated Marketing, we try to find a happy balance between the two. That means we’ve got a foundation in good strategy and a double major in just crazy enough to work. We’ve helped established brands look at their business through new goggles (think Oculus Rift). For challenger brands ready to take on the big guys, PIE has the skills to tell your story, excite your fans and craft your integrated campaign to compete with the big boys and get the attention (and respect) of your retailors.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Strategy is at the heart of every program we create. It’s a foundation that connects the right mix of services to drive your marketing success. From major events to social interactions, our team can plan an integrated campaign to meet your business goals.


With an integrated program, it’s essential that every element captures the attention of consumers. Whether it’s a rebrand or a resize, our talented creative team ensures your message is impactful across every medium.


Whether you meet them at an event or a passing click through, eCRM is essential for turning connections into relationships. We maximize all of our programs with right tools to capture your consumers’ information and keep them engaged with your brand through email and sms.

Social Media

In the age of hash tags and trending topics, the world can change in 140 characters. We can maximize your marketing spend to engage your biggest fans and create a network of new brand advocates.

Digital and Technology

When your consumer lives their life on the web, your marketing needs to follow. We have a talented team who can create websites, mobile sites and apps to extend your brand experience and deepen engagement with influential customers.

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