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How to Pick a Social Media KPI Based on Your Goals

Posted on June 10, 2015

Social media is a web of ever changing pictures, copy, and videos. Along with all the bells and whistles, the underlying analytics and numbers are imperative to clients when gauging success. Although a good campaign should be evaluated against several KPIs that measure a variety of things, decide which success metric is most important based on the campaign goal.

A social media manager never stops talking about impressions, paid or organic, but impressions are usually the first gauge of success. From a client-perspective, impressions are a good measure of brand awareness. Impressions equate to the amount of people that have seen your post or picture. This is the number you want to measure constantly if your goal is to reach as many people as possible or to create awareness around a brand, event, or promotion.

Sometimes, though, brand awareness isn’t enough. If your goal is to get consumer feedback or interactions, focus on the engagement rate. This number demonstrates how many people who saw a post actually interacted with it, whether by liking, retweeting, sharing or commenting. In most cases, the number may appear low to the untrained eye, but remember that as a starting point, particularly for Facebook, 3-6% is standard.

If conversions are the key goal of a campaign, a good social team places the most emphasis on clicks and the click-through-rate (CTR). These numbers measure how many users clicked through social content to a landing page with data capturing opportunities. Many B2B clients, for example, look to integrate their social platforms with their sales teams and use clicks as an indicator of how many leads are being generated.

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