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Committed to Innovation

Mar 17 2016

A commitment to innovation has made Brand Connections who we are today. At Brand Connections, we’ve had one consistent purpose: to solve… Read more

The Art of the 15-Minute Meeting

Feb 23 2016

At Brand Connections, innovation is the cornerstone of everything we do. It only makes sense that this would apply to our meeting… Read more


Feb 17 2016

When business leaders think about company culture, the focus typically starts from the top down. Entrepreneurs have the luxury of having blank… Read more


Jan 26 2016

When drawing a line for the course of their desired professional success, many people draw a straight line diagonally upward from the… Read more


Dec 15 2015

The second in the four-part series on empowerment focuses on the “how.”   If my last blog sold you on the “why,” I’m… Read more

Why Empower Employees?

Dec 01 2015

The first installment in the four part series on empowerment will focus on the “why.” Any business leader must have tangible motivation… Read more

The Age of Empowerment

Dec 01 2015

It was only about 5 years ago when new college recruits had the nerve to start asking about how our company supports… Read more

Conflicted: To Speak or Not to Speak?

Nov 09 2015

“Conflict cannot continue without your participation.” Google the phrase “conflict in the workplace” and in .43 seconds, 95,900,000 results will appear. No… Read more

Reframe That Thought

Oct 29 2015

As the leaves turn beautiful colors here in the Northeast, the obvious next thought that comes to mind is…Christmas! But after you’ve… Read more

You Just Keep Telling Yourself That

Oct 19 2015

Let me start by listing all the VERY GOOD excuses for not exercising regularly over the years. Single mom. BAM! Running a… Read more