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You Just Keep Telling Yourself That

Oct 19 2015

Let me start by listing all the VERY GOOD excuses for not exercising regularly over the years. Single mom. BAM! Running a… Read more

Rabbits and Visions

Oct 13 2015

A few years back I had a group of senior leaders who started overusing the word “strategy.” I realized that some people… Read more

Creating and Maintaining Positive Momentum

Sep 14 2015

I’ve saved the best for last in the third post of the “Newton’s Laws of Motion as it relates to business” series.… Read more

An Object in Motion

Sep 08 2015

Part two of the three part series highlighting how Newton’s three Laws of Motion apply to business focuses on the first law:… Read more

Visions, Strategies and Tactics

Aug 24 2015

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I’m a big fan of setting goals. I’ve coached dozens of people on… Read more

Words Matter

Aug 17 2015

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. – Mark… Read more

Seek, Be Taught and Teach

Aug 10 2015

At Brand Connections we often hire young interns, usually fresh out of school, ready to take on the world. Having once been… Read more

How To Stop Being Viewed as the Office Chatterbox

Aug 03 2015

Someone came to me recently, concerned that he might be getting the reputation of being an office gossip. The issue was less… Read more

A New Breed of BFF

Aug 05 2014

Most of us have wonderful people in our lives who will tell us we look fabulous, even when we’re not feeling “all… Read more

How to Be Authentic to Your Customers

Nov 04 2012

It’s a word that gets flung around a lot in our business: authenticity. Mostly, authentic is used by social media pros to… Read more